Pepper & Me:  The Mother Dukkah

Pepper & Me: The Mother Dukkah

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Pepper & Me Says:

Toasted almonds have been blended with signature Pepper & Me spices, sesame and coriander seeds to design a dukkah that will definitely delight. You might be thinking that dukkah isn't your thing, but that's only because you haven't tried the mother of all dukkahs - The Mother Dukkah.

 This Moroccan spiced dukkah goes amazingly well with smashed avo, or eggs, or sprinkled on your favourite dip. Saute your veggies and then toss some The Mother Dukkah through for a taste sensation. Sprinkle The Mother Dukkah on your potato bake, lasagne or mac 'n' cheese.

Available in: 100g Bag or 200g Jar

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