Homegrown Butchery Pantry Divinity: Pomegranate Balsamic Reduction

Divinity: Pomegranate Balsamic Reduction

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Divinity Says:

Indigenous to the warm climates of the Mediterranean and the Middle East. This is a wonderful aged balsamic vinegar that has been reduced with Pomegranate juice. It is of a delicious, thick consistency. Sweet and tart at the same time it makes the perfect match for hearty meats like lamb venison, pork, beef and duck. It can be drizzled lightly over the meat once plated or used in your hearty stews and casseroles.

Try Divinity Pomegranate Balsamic drizzled over your favourite salad greens with chunks of feta or blue cheese and toasted pine-nuts or walnuts. Pour over poached fruit and ice cream for an elegant and easy dessert. It is wonderful on a tasting plate with Divinity Extra Virgin Olive Oil and hot crusty bread.


Available in: 250 ml or 500ml

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