Brian's Traditional Cornish Pasty



100g Short Crust Pastry

25g Chopped Onion

50g Skirt Steak, diced

90g Flaked Potato

25g Swede/turnip flaked

Salt and pepper to taste.



Pre-heat your oven to 180C

Some people also like to use a little chopped parsley in their pasty, but that is not in any of the traditional recipes.

Roll out the pastry to about 4mm thick

Using a good size dinner plate as a template cut a circle out of the pastry.

Moisten the edge of the round with a little water.  Place/layer the meat and veg into the circle and season to taste.  Fold the circle in half, enclosing all the delicious ingredients and crimp the edges together.  Bake in the oven for ¾ to 1 hour.  

Eat and enjoy.


Brian Said: 

"It was said that a proper pasty could survive being dropped to the miner by his wife from the top of a mine shaft, so it could be eaten whilst still hot from the oven!  Other variations to the pasty had jam/apple/fruit baked into the other end of the pastry case, so the miner could have a main meal and a dessert all in one.  The miners also never ate the pasty crimp.  They used to hold that as a handle to eat the pasty and then threw the crimp away, because their hands were contaminated with arsenic, found in the tin/copper mines.  The pixies who lived at the bottom of the mine used to enjoy the crimps."

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