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Pepper & Me: Chipotle & Orange Rub

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Pepper & Me: Chipotle & Orange Rub

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"This beautiful smoked chilli based rub is sweetened with fragrant orange, a touch of basil and some onion and garlic, seasoned with some special salt. 

He packs a bit of a punch, so start off small if using in the family crock pot, and add more to build up to the desired spice level. 

Perfect for pulled beef or pork, BBQ brisket, Chicken thighs, Smokey spiced Mexican mince, or the perfect rub for a whole roast chook. Try using this spice and making your own BBQ sauce, or adding to ribs. 

Our Chipotle and Orange Rub is now available in our standard sized bag and contains approx 100gm of product." - Pepper & Me

Available in: 100g Bag