Lewis Road Creamery: Milk - Dark Blue 1.5L

Lewis Road Creamery: Milk - Dark Blue 1.5L

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Lewis Road Creamery says: 

Lewis Road Creamery Organic Milks are organic whole milks that are free from both permeate and palm kernel expeller, to deliver a top quality product that surpasses standard milk. The difference in taste is truly remarkable. Lewis Road Creamery Organic Homogenised Milk is full fat and full taste.  A smooth and creamy milk that everyone will love, it is available in both 1.5L and 750ml sizes. Housed in a retro-inspired 100 percent recyclable milk bottle through which you can see what you are drinking and how much is left in the bottle. Our milks and creams are sourced from farms of the Organic Dairy Hub in NZ and bottled for us at Green Valley Dairies who operate under AsureQuality certificate number 1019, and are all certified Kosher.

Available In: 1.5L

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